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I offer cutting edge Web Design anywhere in the Devizes area.

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I offer Web Design right next to Devizes. I can create a beautiful high-end website for your business with the latest features and functionality to help you sell & promote your products online, grow your client base and stand out from the crowd.

Website Refurbishing

Does your website need a new look? In this day and age it’s absolutely essential for your site to be modern, easy to read and offer many opportunities for capturing leads and making sales. See this example.

Maintenance &Support

I offer services such as regular text & image updates as well as peace of mind options like website backups & security. I also offer optimisation for a faster website and can manage it on your hosting or transfer it to a great platform.

E-commerce Design

I will add a shopping cart to your site or can build a new beautiful website to sell your products on. I can also provide multiple add-on features to enhance your store such as discount coupons, special offers, or free samples.

Website Rebranding

Are you looking to change the name of your business or move to a new brand? I can design for you a new one of build on what you have and produce a stunning new website with no loss of traffic from your old domain. See this example.

Email Marketing

I will build and manage your email list for you to promote services, products and/or special offers consistently to your clients with stunning email designs that help grow your audience and improve your sales online.

Hack Repair

Is your website exhibiting strange behaviour such as redirecting to other sites? If your site’s been hacked it’s a serious issue that can result in visitors being the victims of phishing. I can restore your website to you and together we can take your power back.

I Offer Web Design All Around Devizes
All this could be yours And More

Case Study

Project Example

I was recently commissioned to build a brand-new ecommerce website for Tile Boutique, a bespoke tile supplier based in the South of England.

The brief required the site to be on-brand and for the store to integrate some elements unique to the business such as free samples, postcode specific shipping and the ability for customers to choose quantities for their orders based on the area they required in meter(s) squared.

Ecommerce Design

Custom Coding

Frequently Asked Questions

WeWould you like to work with and experienced and dedicated Web Designer near Devizes? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to get you started.

How long does a website take to build?

This depends entirely on the complexity of the project. A simple informational site say 5-10 pages can take up 3-4 weeks while a larger e commerce site can take a month or more. While we always work fast and always seek to complete a website build as quickly and efficiently as possible we understand that every business owner has different responsibilities and their schedule comes into play. Everyone’s requirements are unique and ultimately we always seek to create a solution bespoke to them to help them grow their audience, increase their income online and improve footfall to their business.

How much does it cost to design a website?

Again, this is a very subjective question. Ultimately it depends on the unique requires of the business within their niche market. Whilst having something beautiful to represent your business online is a good thing we always seek to add extended functionality to a site to improve its click-through rate, conversions and/or capacity for sales. This could range from a bespoke booking form on a site to draw in prospective clients to an email marketing campaign with sign-up forms and regular newsletters to grow the companies’ audience, to a full blown e-commerce store with a shopping cart, custom product filtering etc. and much more. The possibilities are endless for your business!! For more information feel free to get in touch.

What extra services are available?

There are many extra options available to add to your website to improve its functionality such as email marketing, SEO, custom coding and much more. Get in contact today to find out more!