The Power Of Leveraging Google

Why Google Is So Dominant


Across the Globe there are currently around 1500 search engines. Many of these are niche to specific countries for example Yandex which is the primary Search Engine of Russia, or offer a unique perspective to the market for example Duck Duck Go which prioritises privacy. Of these however, none in more dominant than Google, the earliest developed Search Engine of the most popular options currently available, having started its crawling activity in 1996 under a previous name. As such, it has spent almost two decades scaling its results and now has an estimated index size of 400 billion.


The Importance Of Search Engine Optimisation


When it comes to growing your audience to get more leads or sales on your website, no aspect is more important than SEO. In simple terms, this is defined as improving your website to increase its search activity. Of course our focus then is on prioritising visibility on Google which dominates the competition and accounts for over 80% of all search traffic.


The Best Way To Improve Visibility


When looking at SEO, the key thing to consider is starting as early as possible. When building a website, the main focus is always on developing the look and functionality of your digital store, to ensure that the information is clear, the design is impactful, and the user journey is clear and simple. However even at this early stage steps can be made to help improve the sites search visibility when live. As an experienced Web Developer, I know how to conduct market research and embed the correct language to help give the site the best start possible on launch.

When the site is finally deployed, this is when the most important work begins. This is because as soon as the site goes live, Google will begin crawling it and adding it to its registry. By integrating extensions to see and measure the types and frequency of searches happening (“Traffic”), an experienced Web Master is then able to refine the site’s content and improve its ranking over time.


The Best Practices Of Google SEO


Here are some examples of simple ways to help encourage search traffic:


Keywords & Phrases


By conducting Market Research and analysing search traffic, we can see the type of language used frequently by competitors and potential customers, embedding this in the website over time to improve results.


Google Integrations


If there’s one thing Google loves, it’s itself. By using extensions to integrate various Google features on the site (Maps, Reviews etc.) the Search Engine will then prioritise the website over those that don’t synchronize with its services.


Social Media


Integrating a company’s website with its social media accounts with regular post activity creates a flow of traffic between the two helping to increase results overall. This can be started simply and then developed over time.

Overall, the best way to improve search visibility is to make frequent updates to text and image content on the site. By doing this in small ways on a regular basis, Google recognises that the site is active and invested in engaging its audience, thereby helping to improve its ranking.


How To Avoid De-Ranking


When conducting SEO enhancements on a site it’s always best to employ the skills of an experienced Web Developer who is aware of the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Overuse of keywords for example can cause Google to penalise the site for inorganic content leading to a fall in ranking. The Search Engine’s sheer volume of traffic and regular algorithm changes also requires a certain degree of constant attention to the site which is often a challenge for owners dealing with the day-to-day management of their business.


The Reason For Prioritising SEO


When it comes to making money online, no aspect is more important than SEO. A website can look fantastic, have awesome features and functions, but this doesn’t amount to anything if it doesn’t have an audience.

For this reason, it’s best to prioritise SEO when looking at ways to improve a site. The most important thing when a site launches is that it’s clear, impactful and functional. Extra features can always be added later to grow a site’s audience and incentivise action from its visitors. However by starting SEO enhancements at an early stage we immediately help it to increase its search visibility and reach more potential clients.

The other important consideration is because of the highly competitive nature of the digital space, SEO can take a while to develop. Having said this when it comes to small businesses in my experience results can come quite quickly.

This is largely because in my view business site owners who are often very busy tend to neglect SEO due to the relative amount of attention it requires and its technical nature. As a consequence there is often a huge amount of opportunity to appear on the first page of search results for niche businesses.

By starting early and employing my experience deploying SEO creatively, regularly and consistently, I can help you reach the first page of local Google search results effectively, and make more money with your website, fast.