The Keys To A Successful Site

The most important aspect to understand initially when building and managing a website is hosting. Just like the router connects your computer to your internet service provider (ISP) through Wifi or an ethernet connection, hosting is what keeps your website connected to the internet.

In other words, hosting is what grants you access to the digital highways of the internet so you can grow your audience, connect with clients and sell your products, and these highways are run by Google.

As of 2024 over 90% of all search traffic comes through Google search, images and maps. Therefore when it comes to marketing your website, we’re always looking at two audiences. The first is your clients and potential customers, the second is the “spiders” (bots) that Google uses to regularly “crawl” each site on the internet to make sure the content is up to date, relevant and worthy of being ranked on the first page.

As a Web Master, I work with the hosting company that keeps your website online. Similar to a utilities company, this is done via a monthly fee. You pay me, to pay them, to keep your business online. If we don’t pay them every month, like with an electricity bill, the lights go out! We wouldn’t want that…would we?

As well as hosting I also provide monthly technical updates and text and image edits to your website. For a site to work optimally it requires extensions to integrate certain features that sync with Google and other services to help promote your products to a wider audience. Examples of these include maps, reviews, and contact forms for lead generation, or in the case of an online store, extensions that integrate your e-commerce platform and payment processor. More advanced features are also available such as extensions that help integrate by one get one free offers or special offers for returning customers to help stimulate sales.

There are many ways to help encourage sales on the website. The most important thing however is to ensure that your site is optimised with the right language and key-phrases to appeal to your audience and show Google that your content is up to date and relevant to your industry.

As a Web Developer, my role is to maintain your site, which like a plant requires regular preening, feeding and nurturing to bloom and produce results. Through experience I also know how to measure the analytics, promote your products and remarket to your audience to produce the best results for you.