The Important Of Reviews On Your Website




It’s essential to display reviews on your website to demonstrate credibility and customer satisfaction. Specifically, it’s also very important to build reviews on Google to help increase your ranking on the search engine.

Google currently controls over 90% of all search traffic. The first thing people see when they type in keyphrases related to your website are the “Businesses” results, this comes before “organic” search traffic (links to home pages of websites that are most relevent to the search) and even often before paid advertising!




Your ranking in the “Businesses” section is determined by a combination of the number of reviews you have on Google, and your average rating. Because it is so essential to local results, this space is very competetive. In many cases, businesses at the top will have hundreds of reviews, and Google will only display the results of the top 3 companies with the highest combination of the factors mentioned earlier. A good tip is also to reply to any feedback you recieve from clients on Google, this demonstrates interaction to the search engine and helps improve your ranking.




There are two main methods of accruing Google reviews for your business. The first and most simple option is simply to ask every time a client demonstrates they are satisfied with a service or product. You can also display a QR code with a link to your Google review form, on your buisness assets (cards etc.) or on a plaque at the service desk, or near the exit of your store.

However, many business owners and staff are extremely busy, and may not have much time to request reviews from clients before the next one arrives. In this instance a more automated method is useful. By embedding your review link on your site you can streamline the approach by inviting new or returning customers to leave a review if they’re satisfied with the service. This could be added to your bookings page, or a popup that appears every so often requesting a review from clients who visit the site often, or come back in search of more information after their visit or purchase.

While the first method is straightforward, the second will require an experienced web developer to deploy, who understands the user journey on your website and how to integrate it seamlessly. By doing this you can effectively build up positive Google reviews directly from your website, and also offer a review form for those who may not have a Google account to help generate testimonials that you can add to different pages on the site.

In conclusion, it’s important to always promote your company’s reputation to visitors on your website, and an effective way to do this is by building up your Google reviews to help improve ranking, and to then present these reviews on your site in an embedded feed that can be updated over time. You can also collect reviews manually and directly on the site to share with your visitors and help represent your business. Doing this will demonstrate the credibility of your company to anyone that visits your site, but showing and building Google reviews is the most important factor to help improve your ranking, and show up right at the top of the search engine.