Hosting & Maintenance Package


Hosting for your website is like the router for your computer. The router connects your computer to your internet service provider (ISP) through Wifi or an ethernet connection.

In the same way, your hosting is what connects your website to the internet. It’s what grants you access to the worldwide web so you can grow your audience, connect with clients, advertise and sell products online.

In other words, it’s your access to the highways of the internet, and these roads are controlled by Google. Therefore, when we’re looking at the best ways to market your site and increase your profits online, we’re always looking at two audiences. The first are your clients and potential customers, the second are the “spider” (bots) that “crawl” your website on a daily basis to make sure the content is up to date, relevent and worthy of being ranked on the first page.

Your website is your second store, the digital shop window of your business, and I’m the store manager! I’m the sleeping partner of your business that maintains the site, keeps it up-to-date and working smoothly and adds the features, functions and visuals to make it impressive, competetive and profitable for you.

As Web Master, I work with the hosting company that keeps your website online. Similar to a utilities company, this is done via a monthly fee. You pay me, to pay them, to keep your business online. If we don’t pay them every month, like with an electricity bill, the lights go out! We wouldn’t want that…would we?

As well as hosting, I also provide monthly updates and text & image edits on your website. For a site to work optimally it requires extentions to integrate certain features (such as maps and reviews) that sync with Google and other services to help promote your products or services to a wider audience. These extentions, like apps on your phone, require regular updates to work effectively. This is mainly for security reasons, there are thousands of online software updates per day in order for the various services to work with each other and to patch out bugs and flaws for potential hacks. In my experience running these updates on automatic leads to extentions conflicting with each other and breaking the site, therefore as part of my maintenance package I go in every month and update these manually to keep your site running smoothly.

The third most important aspect of this service is unlimited text and image edits to update current content on the site. Your website is a living thing. Like a plant it requires regular preening, feeding and nurturing to bloom and produce results for you. It’s also smart because when the bots crawl your site they will see that it’s being regularly updated with relevent content and maintain/increase its ranking.

I charge £50 a month for these services plus phone support 9-9 Mon-Fri to discuss any issue you face with the site or set up a meeting. So if you’d like to swap some images or update some text on the site, this is all included. If you would like to add extra features or pages to the site, not a problem, we can set it up as a separate payment schedule.

This package includes everything to keep the site online, updates as well as the basic advertising features to help you rank on Google, profit from your site and compete successfully with your digital store.